Yuko Klann

originality. meticulousness. artistry.

Yuko Klann

Davines National Master Trainer, Yuko Klann is an education enthusiast - spending the last 20+ years of her career either immersing herself in learning or sharing her knowledge with her fellow hair professionals.
Still regularly seeing clients, Yuko combines substantive salon work with meticulous technique to offer the industry practical training that leads to bespoke, unique, and healthy results.
Joining the Davines team ten years, ago, Yuko immediately felt a kinship with the brand, and her ex-citement conveys each time she leads a course.
From supporting illustrious platform artists to launching Davines color in North American markets to being a member of the Davines Color Experience Team, Yuko’s career is full of a myriad of Davines experiences that further cement her admira-tion of the brand.

“I love everything about the Davines mission - how it seeks to inspire and improve everything within the industry while elevating what we do behind the chair to a whole other level. The respect and af-fection that Davines has for our industry and us, as stylists, is so beautiful and makes me feel amaz-ingly supported in my chosen craft. ”

Davines Experience

Davines technical and creative clasees (For Experienced Davines Color Salons)

Mask with Vibrachrom /
A New Colour formulating

• Color Correction overview presentation
• 000 & Pure Colours
• Creative color formulas
• Blonde mannequin/Swatches (if hands on 2 stylists per 1 mannequin and mannequins purchased by salon)

Davines toning

• Creative toning options
• Options with Mask with Vibrachrom, A New Col-our, Finest Pigments, or VIEW
• Resources shared for unique formulas
• Blonde mannequin (2 stylists per 1 mannequin and mannequins purchased by salon), or swatches

Davines hands-on styling

•Refresh on styling
•Finishing techniques
•Updo styling
•Live models/stylists preferred

Angelo Seminara collection

• Angelo Seminara collection presentation
• Color technique shared
• Mannequin required for presentation

Angelo Seminara collection
cut, hands-on

• From past collections (ask for images of options)
• Mannequins purchased by salon

Davines Flamboyage 10,

• Discover quick and impactful color placement
• How to introduce color to your clientele
• Mannequins or models (shoulder length or longer)

Davines Balayage, hands-on

• Elevate or introduce balayage service
• Simple and clean way to keep on trend
• Mannequin or models (shoulder length or longer)

Davines Pure Colors, hands-on

• Introduce creative color to your clientele
• Creative formulas
• Blonde mannequin or pre lightened models (chin length or longer)


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